Other Land Module (35_other)


The other land module describes the constraints under which natural vegetation (not classified as forest) and set-aside-land exists. The other land pool can be considered as a residual, consisting amongst others of snow, ice, scrubland and land no longer needed in the agricultural or livestock sector (set-aside land). At the same time the module calculates the corresponding carbon content of the area in the other land pool.



Name Description Unit A B
$pcm\_land(j,"other",si)$ natveg land of the previous time step mio. ha x x
$fm\_carbon\_density(t,j,"other",c\_pools)$ carbon density in vegetation, soil and litter of current time step tC per ha x x
$sm\_years$ length of current time step years x
$vm\_land(j,"other",si)$ si class-specific other area in each cell mio. ha x x
$vm\_carbon\_stock(j,"other",c\_pools)$ cell and carbon pool specific carbon stock of other natural vegetation mio. tC x x

The last columns of the table indicate the usage in the different realizations (numbered with capital letters)

Interface plot

Figure 0: Information exchange among modules


(A) static

In the static realisation the other land pool is hold fixed on the observed 1995 level:
vm\_land.fx(j,"other",si) = pcm\_land(j,"other",si);

Correspondingly, also its carbon stock is fixed:
vm\_carbon\_stock.fx(j,"other",c\_pools) = \sum_{si} pcm\_land(j,"other",si) \cdot fm\_carbon\_density(t,j,"other",c\_pools));

Other land is fixed in size

(B) endo_mar13 (default)

In the endo_mar13 realisation the other land pool can increase as well as decrease.

other land is calculated according to equation 1:

vm\_land(j,\text{"other"},si) = \sum_{land35} v35\_land(j,land35,si)

other carbon stocks are calculated according to equation 2:

vm\_carbon\_stock(j,\text{"other"},c\_pools = \sum_{land35} \sum_{si} ( v35\_land(j,land35,si)) \cdot pc35\_carbon\_density(j,land35,c\_pools))

The calculation of $pc35\_carbon\_density\_ac(j,ac,c\_pools)$ is based on exactly the same method as in 32_forestry and is also described in Humpenöder et al1 (2014)

There are currently no known limitations of this realization.

(C) endo_threshold_aug15

endo_threshold_aug15 is based on the endo_mar13 realization. In addition, there is the option to shift other land into the forest land pool if the carbon density of regrowing vegetation in a simulation unit exceeds a threshold of 20 tC/ha.


Name Description Unit A B
$v35\_land(j,land35,si)$ other land pools mio. ha x
$land35$ other land pools (new, grow, old) x
$pc35\_carbon\_density(j,land35,c\_pools)$ Area-weighted mean of pc35_carbon_density_ac(j,ac,c_pools) tC per ha x

The last columns of the table indicate the usage in the different realizations (numbered with capital letters)


Florian Humpenöder

See Also

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1 Humpenöder F, Popp A, Dietrich J P, Klein D, Lotze-Campen H, Bonsch M, Bodirsky B L, Weindl I, Stevanovic M and Müller C 2014 Investigating afforestation and bioenergy CCS as climate change mitigation strategies Environ. Res. Lett. 9 064029